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What is P2P Cash?

P2PCash is a new revolutionary peer-to-peer messaging technology in which participants can earn passive income with little to no effort from their unused SMS/MMS. Utilizing a combination of cutting-edge SMS/MMS Routing and Blockchain Smart Contract technologies, P2PCash can reward users in return for using their unused SMS and MMS. Something that wasn’t possible before now is a reality!

All you need to become part of our rapidly growing network of mobile users who earn through every SMS and MMS is simply an Android smartphone and 10 minutes of your time for initial setup. Once started, you’ll start earning passive income while we do all the work!

How is this possible or even Legal?

By selling the unused portion of your SMS/MMS capacity every month, you can use the earnings to pay for your phone service, and more.  Your current mobile contract allows you to send SMS.  Is it right?  well, the government gets to send you messages any time they want whether you ask for it or not, why not take advantage of transactional and marketing networks that are willing to pay others for their messaging power?  Surely, this is not for everyone, many people like to play by other people’s rules; our network gives you the choice to play by your rules and earn money using what normally is unused and guess what?  The networks make money by banking on the fact that you won’t use your messages anyway.  Of course, you love AT&T and T-mobile and you want to pay them every month for selling you messages you won’t ever use, right? or you can sell those unused messages forward and bank that extra income, especially now in times where every single penny counts.  Of course, we are here simply to give you a choice.

How Much Can I Earn From P2PCash?

The amount you earn depends largely on the amount of SMS/MMS you are able to send per day and the price of the $MOOLA Token at the moment you sell your tokens.

1 SMS/MMS = 1 $MOOLA Token

What is the $MOOLA Token?

The $MOOLA Token is a Cryptocurrency Token built on the Ethereum blockchain and is used to pay users directly to their Metamask wallets. This cryptocurrency can be exchanged for cash or other cryptos at any time the user wants.

How is the Price of the $MOOLA Token Calculated?

The floor price of the $MOOLA token is determined by the actual Marketing Cash Value (MCV) extracted from each SMS/MMS routed in the system by the Marketing Agency. P2P Tech, Inc a Marketing Agency with over 13 years of Direct Response Marketing and SMS/MMS Routing experience are in charge of extracting as much Marketing Cash Value as possible from each SMS/MMS. The Marketing Agency will keep 50% of the SMS MCV as payment for their services. This ensures that the interests of the community and the agency are aligned as the only way they can earn revenue is by extracting as much cash value as possible from each SMS/MMS in the system.

The price of the $MOOLA Token is calculated using the following formula:

SMS Marketing Cash Value (MCV) divided by two.

SMS MCV / 2 = $MOOLA Token Price Floor

User minimum earnings estimates are calculated using the following formula:

Messages Per Day (MPD) multiplied by the SMS MCV divided by two equals Earnings Per Day (EPD)


Earnings Calculation Example: MPD = 500 SMS MCV = $0.02

500 * 0.02 / 2 = $5.00/Day  

$5.00 * 30 Days = $150/Month

Why the Price on the Exchange is Higher than What the Price Formula Says?

The $MOOLA Token is an ERC 20 Token that has a strict circulating supply based on its emission/burn rate (See Tokennomics Page). This circulating supply also affects the price of the $MOOLA Token due to speculation caused by possible fluctuations of the SMS MCV or other future possible utility on the token. Our Price Formula above is based on a scenario in which every user sells their tokens as they receive them. If users decide not to sell and instead they HODL their tokens (because they speculate on how much SMS MCV the Marketing Agency can extract for the next 30-day cycle) this could cause a supply shock on the exchanges making the price go up and deviate from the price formula above. That is the reason why we use the term “Token Price Floor” as it refers to the minimum value the token can reach based on the last cycle average SMS MCV if all tokens in circulation were to be sold back to the Automated Market Maker (AMM).

How to Transfer Payments from The P2PCash App to My Bank Account?

All $MOOLA Token payments are assigned automatically to your crypto wallet every day. Users can claim their tokens using the Request Payout Function inside the P2PCash App anytime and then use the swap function of their Metamask wallet anytime to sell their $MOOLA Tokens for $USDT. Once the $USDT is in your wallet, you can deposit the $USDT to your favorite exchange such as Binance, Coinbase, Kucoin, Gemini, or similar to exchange for Fiat Currency and Transfer it to your Bank account. Here is a video tutorial of the process.

*During the initial 60 days of the App Release (Nov, 1st, 2022) users will receive $MOOLA tokens in their wallet but will not be able to make Swaps for USDT. This time is needed for the marketing company to kick-start operations and grow the cash balances needed to deploy Liquidity Pools on Exchanges.

What is Metamask?

MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet that enables users to interact with Ethereum-based tokens and applications. It is essentially a key that unlocks the door into the blockchain. It provides the simplest yet most secure way to connect to blockchain-based applications. You are always in control when interacting on the new decentralized web. 

Swap tokens directly from your desktop or mobile wallet. The Swaps feature combines data from decentralized exchange aggregators, market makers, and DEXs, to ensure you get the very best price with the lowest network fees. This feature allows you to easily swap your $MOOLA tokens for $USDT right from your wallet. Download Here

How are the $MOOLA Tokens Created?

$MOOLA Tokens are Minted based on each SMS/MMS sent out on the system. The only way they exist in circulation is if real marketing energy in a form of an SMS or MMS was delivered in the system. This ties each token minted to real tangible value. Our Smart Contract Technology calculates the amount of SMS/MMS delivered in the system every day based on the amount of “200 OK” Delivery Receipts Received from Mobile Network Operators. These receipts guarantee that every SMS/MMS was properly delivered to its recipient. Once the calculation is over then the total of new tokens gets minted and assigned to each user’s respective wallet provided to us inside the app settings.

*100,000,000 $MOOLA Tokens were pre-mined during the Token Generation Event and were allocated for initial exchange liquidity, development, and marketing purposes. See Tokenomics page

How are the $MOOLA Tokens Burned?

Every month during the first five days of the month, P2P Tech, Inc will provide transparency reports showing the exact amount of Marketing Cash Value extracted from each SMS/MMS for the previous month. P2P Tech, Inc will then proceed to use 50% of the total SMS/MMS Marketing Cash Value extracted for the month to buy $MOOLA tokens from Exchanges and burn them by sending them to the 0x000000000000000000000000000000 Ethereum burn address. This token burn will keep a balance in circulating supply to ensure that the Token Price Floor remains above the expected $MOOLA Token price based on the Token Price Formula (SMS MCV / 2 = $MOOLA Token Price Floor).

What Number Of SMS/MMS Is Okay for my Daily Limit?

You can set the number of SMS and MMS Separately and you can choose any number between 50 to 500 SMS/MMS per day. Keep in mind that there is always a risk of an operator soft block which means that if you are setting the limit too high your Mobile Operator may block the sim card from sending messages for a few days. Each operator is different therefore is up to you to find the sweet spot for your operator. Start with a medium amount per day and raise the limit up slowly, if we detect an operator block the app will alert you within 24 hours.  If this is a concern, consider getting a separate sim that can easily pay for itself and perhaps all the other mobile services you are paying for.

What Countries does P2PCash Supports?

We support most countries thanks to our global reach but given current world population distributions, the bulk of our services go to countries like United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Mexico, & Ireland. If your mobile operator offers free SMS/MMS to any of those countries your chances of delivering more messages and earning more are higher.

*Note: Most Mobile Operators around the world offers 100% Free SMS/MMS to United States included in your mobile plan.

How Secure Is The P2PCash App?

P2PCash  is very secure for all users as communications as well as users’ data are all encrypted.

Is the P2PCash App Available For iPhone?

Due to the restrictions put in place by iOS on SMS, the P2PCash App is only available for Android users.

What kind of SMS/MMS are sent from my SIM?

We send OTP (One-Time-Password) and A2P (Application-To-Person) SMS to other SIM cards in your country. Each SMS/MMS is sent completely within local laws and regulations following strict opt-in prior express consent procedures.

SMS/MMS Examples:

“Your TikTok login passcode is **** ” , “Your WhatsApp Code is **** “, “Your Auto Insurance Policy #1234 is about to Expire, Renew Now”

What is an Operator Soft block?

Despite having Unlimited SMS/MMS plans some operators have different parameters they check to determine if your usage falls under what they consider “Normal Human Behaviour” If your Mobile Operator considers that your usage falls outside “Normal Human Behaviour” parameters they may block the sim card from sending messages for a few days. Each operator is different therefore is up to you to find the daily limit sweet spot for your operator. Our systems are able to sometimes detect these soft blocks. If that is the case, a notification will appear in your app alerting you about the soft block.

Why did the App stop sending Messages?

This can happen for a few reasons like daily limits reached or no tasks available for processing. The most common reason is that your operator may have placed your Simcard in a soft block due to a high limit set on your Daily SMS/MMS settings. If that is the case please try lowering the daily limits and our systems will recheck your Simcard after a standard cool-off period of a few days or call your Mobile Operator and have them change your phone number on the Simcard, this will get all bans lifted and make your phone work again.

How can I Contact Support?

P2PCash is a community-driven effort therefore we use Discord as our main place of communication. If you need help or want to stay up-to-date with our transparency reports please join our Discord Community Here

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