Get Paid for Your Unused
SMS Messages!

P2PCash New Messaging Technology allows regular people to earn
moola from their unused SMS and MMS Messages.

No Investment – No Effort

This App came to me as a blessing. The cost of living has gone up tremendously and this app has helped me cover my phone bill and other costs when I needed it the most. I don’t have to do anything. I just activated it and it works!
Frank Garcia Handyman

Making Money with P2P Cash
is as Simple as 1...2...3...

All you need to become part of our rapidly growing network of mobile users who earn through every SMS and MMS is simply an Android smartphone and 10 minutes of your time for initial setup. Once started, you’ll start earning passive income while we do all the work!

What is P2P Cash?

P2PCash is a new revolutionary peer-to-peer messaging technology in which participants can earn passive income with little to no effort from their unused SMS/MMS. Utilizing a combination of cutting-edge SMS/MMS Routing and Blockchain Smart Contract technologies, P2PCash can reward users in return for using their unused SMS and MMS. Something that wasn’t possible before now is a reality!

No Effort and No Investment. With P2P Cash there is no need to pay any fees to participate.

Simply Install the App & Earn. Our hassle-free process makes it simple for you to start earning MOOLA. Just install the app and activate your Simcard.

Using Blockchain Technology we will deliver your earnings every single day directly to your wallet. With no intermediaries, your MOOLA payments are sent using 100% Secure & Safe Transactions

Your Earnings Calculator

Use the calculator to estimate the Possible Monthly Earnings you could get thanks to our P2P Messaging technology.

Our MOOLA Token is an ERC-20 Cryptocurrency that Empowers Daily Payments Sent Directly to User Wallets.

$MOOLA Token

The $MOOLA Token is a Cryptocurrency Token built on the Ethereum blockchain and is used to pay users directly to their Metamask wallets. Cryptocurrencies can be exchanged for cash or other cryptos any time the user wants.

The $MOOLA Token is an ERC 20 Token that has a strict circulating supply based on its emission/burn rate (See Tokennomics Page). This circulating supply also affects the price of the $MOOLA Token due to speculation caused by possible fluctuations of the SMS Marketing Cash Value (MCV) or other future possible utility on the token. See FAQ